Nerve & Brain Function

On a daily basis our brain, nervous and cardiovascular systems are exposed to extreme stress. Stress comes in the form of physiological, psychological, and environmental. Using advanced frequency technology, Dr. Carfora is able to detect very early causes of nerve and cardiovascular dysfunction years before it presents itself in the form of a disease state such as, “hypertension, hyperlipidemia, an coronary artery disease”. A stress reduction program will be compiled for you to PREVENT these disease entities from occurring.

Physiological: using the intellewave, sudo and vasoscanner we are able to detect your body’s response to stress by heart rate variability ; able to detect small “sticky” inflammatory proteins that may be attaching to the vessel wall ; and any nerve damage that may be beginning due to these inflammatory culprits. With this data our medical staff will put you on a vitamin and nutritional regime for healthy living.

Psychological: the sudo scanner is able to detect underlying mental stressors that you may not know you have. Many people feel they are “balanced” however this will reveal if you are being truthful to yourself. Knowing this data enables me to place you in a meditative program, tapping series, or hypnosis session for you to deal with deep rooted things that may be affecting your wellbeing. Meditation is known to prevent chronic disease from occurring so it is important NOT to ignore this.

Environmental: Zyto scanner is able to detect the exact foods you may be sensitive to and the exact vitamin regimen you may need to overcome these environmental stressors. This can be pollutions, food sensitivities, frequency exposure, electronics, metals and other substances that blood work cannot pick up. Zyto works by “positive and negative charges”. For example your body may have a positive charge of 10 and an orange may be -15—this will indicate the orange is not a match for you. This technology has the capability of checking over 400 vitamins, and over 4,000 elements in the environment that you may be reacting too. The data is used in conjunction with the above scientific testing and comprehensive blood work – together all of this give a GREAT PICTURE of YOUR BODY’S CELLS and the minute damage that can be occurring that conventional medicine cannot see. Now you will see it and make the changes to PREVENT!