Functional & Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Roxanne Carfora is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine which is a specialty that looks at the CAUSES of disease; corrects the underlying hormonal, nutritional and vitamin depletions; and uses natural modalities to optimize your health and wellness. Using our advanced scientific technology and DNA testing, we are able to check your body’s metabolism to vitamins, hormones, and certain medications at the cellular level! A complete individualized, body specific program is designed JUST FOR YOU!

Dr. Roxanne Carfora has been prescribing bioidentical hormones to her patients since 2004, and correcting underlying vitamin and nutritional depletions. Dr. Carfora only uses physician grade vitamins that have been proven to be of high quality due to the results of patient’s blood work and physical condition. Patients have turned their lives around feeling more vibrant, healthy, and able to increase energy and endurance.



I came to Dr. Carfora as a new patient needing a physical for my job. What I got was far more than ever expected! My initial appointment included a blood draw and a complete health history intake. The medical staff took the time to learn all about me and gave me a complete regime to follow including age appropriate testing. The practice takes a pro active approach to have their patients achieve optimal health.

Stacey, Hauppauge, NY


I have been experiencing hot flashes, moodiness, brain fog and sleeplessness. I was referred to Dr. Carfora for her complete hormonal evaluation. After a comprehensive blood panel was performed, the doctor explained why my hormones were unbalanced and provided me with a customized compound to help balance me. I am no longer experiencing hot flashes, I’m not moody, can think clearer and can sleep FINALLY!!! Dr. Carfora was a great experience for me.

Isabella, Huntington, NY


I was feeling extremely fatigued and did not know why. Dr. Carfora, suggested I do allergy and food sensitivity testing. The report showed that many of the foods I was eating was causing me to feel tired. Once I started eliminating the foods, I felt like a brand new person! I highly recommend the testing! I feel like a new person, thank you Dr. Carfora.

Samantha, Mt. Sinai, NY